Bill & Danny




KevMo Floater

Brad Dropping In

Mike's Stars And Stripes

Storm Clouds on the Horizon


Steve Hitting the Lip

Sunday Night Lobster

First off, let me apologize for the lack of photos. My computer caught a virus last week, and I have just gotten it back today.

So, these past 2 weeks have been incredible. Just completely unreal in terms of surfing. God has blessed the Jersey Shore with 2 incredible Hurricanes in 2 weeks. First came Hurricane Bill, yielding around 10 foot surf, and making for some incredible photo opportunities.  Then, Hurricane Danny followed it about a week later making perfect chest-head high barreling surf, and possibly the most fun surf since early July.

Things are quieting down at the shore, as a lot of people have gone home, and the lineups are thinning out. Hot August air has given way to some cool September air, and the beaches are getting less and less crowded every day. Can’t wait for some September and October surfing! Anyway, thanks for checking this out, and please check back next week as I will be posting.



2 thoughts on “Bill & Danny”

  1. Thanks, a lot of people seem to like that sky one.
    And, yeah september is the best for the shore by far

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