Another Lackluster Post

Lining up for a small barrel

Lining up II

Nighttime Skating Session

Storm in High Dynamic Range

Well, there’s been a lot of stuff going on in my life recently. The biggest being a switch in houses. This week, my family and I have moved into our new house which took us a fewyears to build. Everything went very smoothly, and the movers that we hired were awesome. They were very funny, and they really knew how to move a huge piece of furniture. Very fun day. (I forgot to bring my camera home, so unfortunately, no pictures of that event.)

I came back down the shore to very small but fun waves, and shot photos of my friend AJ surfing them. Then, a few days later, after no good shots presented themselves, I shot with AJ again, this time when he was skating. And lastly, I shot an HDR of a storm that passed over my block.

This week is officially my last full week down the shore. It just seems like this summer passed way too fast… Hopefully I’ll be able to run across some waves, or a good surf spot to get some shots of. I plan to get a sunrise shot in this week, and maybe some other shots. Thanks for reading. Have a good week, and hopefully I’ll see you next week.



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