Toscana, Positano & Capri

Tuscany Panorama

Wine Barrels - Fermentation

Tuscan Momma

Duomo HDR

Lighting A Candle



Capri Harbor

Lemon Cookies

My trip to Italy is done. A great 12 days, filled with tons of pizza, way to much pasta, and delicious gelato.

The 3rd shot is really interesting. At the hotel where we stayed, they offered a service where they have a local woman come into your villa and cook for/with you. Every ingredient she put in was very “Fresco”, and she couldn’t get enough of the “Olio”. She made a great meal.

As many people know, the Amalfi Coast is known for 3 things: Scenic views, Warm water, and Lemons. Those last 4 photos show all 3 of them.

All in all, the trip was incredible, and Italy is really unique, especially in its food. It was great to experience such a lively and friendly culture, and I’d love to go back someday. But for now, the shore will have to suffice.



3 thoughts on “Toscana, Positano & Capri”

  1. Some great pictures. You should go to Maine. It has some great scenery to take great pictures.

  2. Chris. Finally got to the library to check out your site. Can’t waite to see your photos when you get back to Bishop Eustace.

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