Memorial Weekend At The Shore

Backlit Leaves

Jetty Sunrise

Small Barrel

Sit, Bruno

Frank with all his boards

Under the Bridge

Bay Sunset

Heading Out in Chilly Water

This weekend was my first weekend down the shore since 3 weeks. And I had a ton of fun. Met up with friends that I haven’t seen in 8 months or so. Shot some beautiful sunrises, sunsets and a few portraits. Here’s a quick recap. We sent my older brother off to Italy on Wednesday to go study abroad. I had off of school on Thursday, and my family and I went down the shore Thursday night. Nothing really fun going on. On Friday morning, I shot the sunrise, which is that first shot you see up there. Then, I shot some waves a little bit after that and went bodyboarding. That night, my friends got down and I shot a few photos of their dog, Bruno. The next day, my friend Frank and I did a shoot under the bridge. (great song by the RHCP) Frank had a ton of surfboards, and I shot him with all of them. I loved those shots. Then, that night I shot sunset by the bay and the next day I shot a few photos of my friend going out surfing. Overall, a great weekend.

Check back next week and the following weeks. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting stuff for you, as I’ll probably go shooting with my friend Nick, who I haven’t shot with for a while. I’d also like to get a few models for the summer, so definitely keep an eye out for that! Thanks for reading!



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