Fisheyed Roller Coaster

Ginger Fisheyed


Riding Fisheyed

Nose Manual Fisheyed


Golf Swing

On the Course

If there was a roller coaster weekend, it was this weekend. I had a lot of trouble getting a shoot in, and I was lucky that I even got a few shots this week. So, here’s what happened. My friend Chris (The one biking) and I were supposed to meet with professional BMX rider Josh Perry on Friday night, and shoot with him. However, Josh ended up doing other stuff. So, we re-set that shoot for Sunday. The BMX photos that you see were taken Friday night. Some of them are fisheye. (Chris’s mom has the Canon 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens and she let me use it for the night). With nothing to shoot on Saturday, I tried to get a shoot in with my friend Garrett, however I realized that I couldn’t get a ride into town. (I can’t drive) But, later I was able to get a ride into town, so I checked in with him to see if he could, but  he couldn’t. So I was stuck with nothing to do on Saturday. Like 20 minutes after that, Chris told me that he had to bail out for Sunday, because his parents wouldn’t let him go out. (He’s failing several classes) So, my weekend plans were all destroyed. I ended up taking a few shots of my brothers playing golf.

This weekend I have 5 days off and I’m going down the shore. I’ll definitely have some more exciting shots after that…Only 2 more days. Please keep an eye out for next week’s post around late Monday or Tuesday. All for now, hope you enjoyed!



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