Biking Around Town

by chrisgiuliano


Huge Air

Rob Carving

Garrett Portrait

4 Stair


Shop Rite Extravaganza

Gatorade Rainbow

OK, I know this is really, really  a lot of photos, but there were so many good ones that I couldn’t help myself. Original plans this weekend were to go to the shore, but that didn’t happen because it was supposed to be rainy and stormy. As you can tell from these shots…well…that didn’t happen. So instead, I called up my buddy Rob, and a few other guys in town, Garrett and Eric, who I had been wanting to shoot with, and we kind of rode around town. We did some shots at the skatepark, then moved out of there, did some more street stuff, went to shoprite, and rode a few trails. I may post the trail shots later, so keep an eye out. Turned out to be a great weekend. I’ll probably be heading down the shore next weekend, weather permitting. Down there, I’ll be doing a really fun shoot that I’ve planned with a friend, can’t wait for that. Of course, I’ll have some surfing work as well. Thanks for checking this out, and keep an eye out for next week’s post sometime on Sunday or Monday. Enjoy your week and your Mother’s Day.