Sun & Surf

Jackson Lake Sunrise

Sandpipers on the Rocks

Barrel From the Jetty

Rock Growth

AJ Collage

Here’s a few photos from the weekend which I really like. This weekend, I got down to the shore, and had two beautiful days, with incredible weather and semi-clean, kind of fun waves. I caught a wonderful sunrise at a lake near my house. (1st shot) Then I went to the shore, and shot some sandpipers for 45 minutes or so, and also got that wave shot in that same time-period. Found an interesting looking growth on the side of a rock, and then shot photos of my friend AJ while sitting on the jetty. After all that, I went bodyboarding with him, got a few OK waves, called it a day, had dinner and drove home. Hope you enjoy these shots. I’m planning on shooting a few timelapses (fast-motion videos) of the shore the next time I go down, so keep an eye out for that in the next two weeks. Have a good week, see you next Sunday!



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