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BW Barn

A lot going on lately, I guess a pretty busy week in terms of school & homework, but this week we’ll only have 3 days, which will be a lot easier. I’m really looking forward to Easter break, I’ll have 11 days off of school, and plenty of time to take pictures!

Anyways, I went out and I shot photos this weekend with my friend Nick, and another friend, Dave. I ended up getting some really good ones, my favorite being the one with the big blue circle. In that one, what you’re seeing is the inside of a siloh, looking up at the top.

Also, a short video I made this week, with some old footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVlpM_E9DDY&feature=channel_page

And a very brief timelapse of a windy field: http://vimeo.com/4006971

Also, a few updates in the store, I made 5×7 glossy prints available. http://chrisprints.ecrater.com/

Should have a nice, long post for you next week! Have a good week, and a good Easter.



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